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A garage door is a type of equipment that tends to dominate the front aesthetics of a home. It is widely used in a lot of urban homes and some industrial and business buildings. Garage doors come in huge sizes so that it can allow all sizes of vehicles to pass through. Some homeowners prefer a single panel garage door design while there are others who fancy multiple paneled garage doors with garage door panels connected by joints. The whole contraption is operated with the assistance of a counter weight attached to it or coil springs that support the main operating device and lessens the amount of human effort put in. There are garage doors that open and close by sliding and some do by swinging.  The sliding type is the more popular choice between the two. There are quite a few types of materials to choose from that garage door panels are made out of. These are metal, fiberglass and wood. Some installation and gate repair allow a combination of materials.

Regarding the torsion springs, these springs provide the garage door the added assistance or leverage during its’ operation. According to garage door repair professionals, torsion springs acts as a counter weight that is commonly composed of a couple of springs that are snuggly coiled around its’ pipe. These are attached at its ends by cables and made with sturdy metal. The torsion springs are mounted on the wall space located above the garage door itself. The torsion springs are mounted on the wall with two plates bolted on the wall. Steel wirings are used to manufacture the coil springs. It is attached to a pair of cones found at opposite ends. The first cone is the stationary cone while the other one is the coiling cone. The coiling cone is designed with small pits placed at 90 degrees angles and its main purpose is to coil the springs. Two pairs of bolts and nuts come with it to keep it attached to the pipe. Cable wires that are connected to the lower part of the garage door to the cable’s drum pulley. The torsion springs spring into action once the door is opened. It uncoils its springs and alleviates the effort and force and this action helps open the garage door. This sets the cable wires and its’ pulley into action as the cable wires turn around the drum pulling the door up. When closing a garage door, the cable wires unroll from the pulley while the springs coil back in the coiling cone.

If properly maintained, garage door torsion springs can be of service for a good three years at the minimum. Some torsion springs even last up to seven years with daily use. There are some garage door repair experts that offer clients springs that can last up to more than ten years of daily service. One thing that every garage door user has to consider though is that the different materials that the panels are made out of come in various weights.

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Torsion Springs in Your Garage Door